Calvin and Hobbes hits YouTube

A parody video of Calvin and Hobbes has been posted on YouTube. It appears that the original video was aired on the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. The one minute 24 second video ends with Calvin being committed to a mental institution after killing his parents with a chain saw.

I suspect that Bill Watterson would not be happy to see this, but also think that after a decade of veneration, he and his feature are more game for entertainment like this. Back in January a flash movie was posted mocking Bill for his reclusiveness.

10 thoughts on “Calvin and Hobbes hits YouTube

  1. That was from an “Robot Chicken” episode “Lust for Puppets” and first aired about a month ago, on November 5.

  2. I’ve always wondered how Calvin and Hobbes would fit into the real world. It’s always been my favorite comic. The consequences of an imaginary killing machine were never fully explored until now.

  3. Jeff: sues for what reason? parody is legal in the USA – as long as it is clearly parody.

  4. Hello everyone, I just found this site the other day, it’s great. I am a cartoonist for the Times Community News in California and just wanted to say hi.

  5. You’re right, Alan…stuff like this will boost the popularity of Bill’s strip. If I were in Bill’s shoes looking at this, I’d be tickled with flattery. Although, I wasn’t too crazy about the other short with the two guys.

  6. I thought it was funny. I agree, Richard, Mr. Watterson should be kind of flattered by it. It was obviously done in the spirit of good fun. The other short with the evil guys….well, I agree again….it was just lame and mean spirited and unfortunately what some people find humorous.

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