Robert Cabrera ends Silo Roberts comic strip

Robert Cabrera, who launched Silo Roberts in 2004 with United Media, has decided to pull the plug on the strip so that he can attend graduate school for computer animation.

I emailed him to confirm the end of his strip and he wrote back the following:

The decision to end the strip was difficult, but necessary. It all boiled down to this: As much as I loved drawing the Silo Roberts comic strip, and as great of a cult following it developed, I simply couldn’t ignore my desire any longer to attend graduate school for computer animation. The workload of the strip, teaching full-time, and having some sort of a personal life on top of graduate school is enough to make anybody go completely crazy…and I’m already nuts for even thinking about it.

The final Silo Roberts strip for both paper and on will run December 10th. With Robert’s new focus on animation, he hints that at some future date, Silo Roberts may resurface as an animated or interactive project.

8 thoughts on “Robert Cabrera ends Silo Roberts comic strip

  1. I have really enjoyed the strip. When I received the notice from that Silo Roberts was ending…I immediately looked to see if the strip was going to be on another website. Alas, it will not be. 🙁
    I was looking forward to their adventures in a new city.

  2. Nooooo! I love Silo Roberts! Please say it ain’t so. Awwh. Good luck Robert. Bring Silo back again at a point in your life when things aren’t so hectic. We’ll miss him. Best wiches to you.

  3. Really a shame, Silo Roberts was one of my favourite, and I followed the webcomic every day.
    Still, if it has to happen, at least it ended a story-line, rather than in the middle of a plot.

  4. I loved his strip. It was a very good example of a single mom trying to raise a family, juggle their needs against her job.

    It was good that he ended it where it was though because it completed one storyline before opening another.

    They will all be missed.


  5. I acknowledge your tough decision and must agree it is for the best that you stop Silo Roberts to turn your attention to your studies. However, one can always hope once you are through and established you will have time to delight us once again with your wonderful strip.


  6. Good luck with grad school. The strip will be missed. I followed it everyday and enjoyed Silo’s adventures. I hope you decide to bring it back some day.

    Meg L

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