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Pearls Before Swine to use mild profanity

E&P is reporting that United Media has sent out an advisory to clients of Stephan Pastis’ Pearls Before Swine that the December 2nd strip will use the term “bite me.” Those not wanting to run the strip will be given a rerun strip if they contact the syndicate.

Community Comments

#1 Ed Power
@ 11:14 pm

Bite me? Didn’t they say worse than that in ‘Bloom County’, like, once a week?


#2 Ed Power
@ 11:15 pm

The world post-Janet-Jackson’s-superbowl-boob is a really scary place.

#3 Jeff
@ 7:22 pm

Yes, it is scary, because they still haven’t reined things in nearly enough.

#4 Dan Bielinski
@ 6:31 pm

Yeah, I agree with Jeff. We should drop democracy and become a communist country.

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