Homeland Security declares Doonesbury ‘subversive’

The Spoof, a satirical news site like The Onion, is reporting that the Department of Homeland Security has declared Doonesbury as a subversive and have arrested “Gerry Trudeau.”

Gerry Trudeau, who is listed as the author on the strip’s masthead, was at first thought to have fled and escaped arrest. However, he was later taken into custody at a nearby espresso bar where he claimed he was only there ‘enjoying a late cafe’ au lait’, but security personnel believe otherwise. They believe that was only the first step in a very devious and elaborate escape plan. “There’s no doubt he was on the lam.” said the press officer. “He had with him his wallet, credit cards and all his identification, which is all the de facto proof we need. His next step was obviously a secret landing strip or border crossing somewhere. We were just lucky to capture him when we did and that he wasn’t carrying a bomb or something.”