Jules Feiffer illustrates wife’s book

Jules Feiffer and his wife have come out with a new book (he illustrated it, his wife wrote it), called The Long Chalkboard and Other Stories. The book contains three stories.

Carl Hays of the American Library Association wrote this review of the book on Amazon.com:

Renowned cartoonist and children’s book author Feiffer shares billing with his wife, journalist and stand-up comedienne Allen, in a trio of charming stories for adults. “The Long Chalkboard” is about the whim of two parents who need to cover a long wall and provide a scribbling surface for their children after moving into a new home. As the home passes on to successive owners, the chalkboard becomes fertile ground for, first, a math prodigy and then a budding film director, whose storyboard sketches later hang in the Smithsonian and ultimately comfort a lonely widow. “What Happened” follows the fortunes of a stuffy children’s book author who accuses a fellow writer of plagiarism, and “Judy’s Wonder Chili” recounts the misadventures of an amateur chef whose deliciously healing chili undergoes an unpleasant transformation when it catches the attention of the media and politicians. Allen’s insightful, uplifting tales are perfectly complemented by Feiffer’s wry charcoal, pencil, and wash sketches, which imbue the collection with the flavor of contemporary fables.