Liberal Matt Davies takes over Prickly City (temporarily)

Scott Stantis has announced that liberal editorial cartoonist Matt Davies will temporarily take the helm of the conservative Prickly City strip while Scott undergoes rotator cuff surgery. Matt’s work will hit the funny pages the week of December 11 through 16th. Scott says that the story line will be, “in the last election, the Democrats won control of the House, the Senate, a majority of governorships, and Prickly City,”

The following week, other cartoonists will also be stepping in to help out on the strip: Don Asmussen Bad Reporter, Mark Tatulli Lio, Phil Dunlap Ink Pen, Paul Gilligan Pooch Cafe, and Rob Harrell Big Top are all contributing one daily strip, as well as Greg Cravens, who took over Stantis’ previous strip, The Buckets.

This will be the second time a group of cartoonists have come stepped into aid a fellow cartoonist who was unable to produce the strip due to medical reasons. Earlier this year, Rob Harrell was took out of commission to manage his cancer treatment.

3 thoughts on “Liberal Matt Davies takes over Prickly City (temporarily)

  1. Sounds interesting.

    Scott was one of the artists in the “Big Top” guest artists run, so I’m guessing Rob Harrell is returning his favor.

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