New comic tools blog

Proving that the blogosphere is big enough to have a blog on just about any topic no matter who insignificant – comes this post that I saw on Drawn! regarding Comic Tools – a blog about what tools comic artists use.

Comic Tools is a new blog from MK Reed in which comic artists share with us their tools of the trade. So far weâ??ve been treated to the trade secrets of Ryan Dunlavey, Liz Baillie, Grant Reynolds, Hope Larson, and Jim Rugg. Learn what these cats favour in pens, brushes, inks, and papers.

While I’m starting to get set in my ways regarding what tools I like, it’s always interesting to see what other cartoonists use.

6 thoughts on “New comic tools blog

  1. As for markers, every pen I’ve ever used that touts “Archival Quality” ends up graying out with age or erasing. I haven’t tried the Alvin markers he mentioned, though.

    I still use rapidograph pens for nits and nats. They definitely are a pain to keep clean, but I’m assured of the quality, since the ink I fill them with (FW Acrylic Ink) is the same ink I use with my quill pen and sable brush.

  2. The one thing that stood out is the Faber-Castell PITT pens. I’ve been using the micron pens for nearly a decade now and I’m willing to give these PITT pens a shot.

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