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Dan Piraro’s presentation on veganism on youTube

Dan Piraro’s presentation that he did at Healthy Lifestyle Expo 2006 has been YouTubed. It’s entertaining. Not quite enough to make me give up the filet mignon, but it was worth the 5 minutes of my time. He also talks of global warming and other issues.

Community Comments

#1 Mark
@ 12:23 pm

How does it end? Two minutes into it I accidentally dripped a bunch of wing sauce into my laptop.

#2 lefitte
@ 1:33 pm

He eats a bacon double cheeseburger.

#3 Captain Poncho
@ 3:55 pm

I am wringing my hands with guilt over the fact that, when bird flu does finally go pandemic, poor Dan will be the first to drop dead from it, when it’s so clearly the rest of the evil meat-eating Republicans that DESERVE to die first.

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