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Dilbert Weasel Awards posted

The 2006 Dilbert Weasel Awards have been posted. Over 40,000 people voted and the results are a hint of what is to come in next weeks mid-term election?

Just look the winners and the margins they win by:

Weaseliest Pundit/Reporter?
Michael Moore 9383 votes
NY Times 8831

Weaseliest Company?
Halliburton 10436
Wal-Mart 8489

Weaseliest Politician?
George W. Bush 15447
Donald Rumsfeld 5216 (Never mind that Rumsfeld isn’t really a politician)

Weaseliest Organization?
Republican Party 13253

Weaseliest Country?
United States 9121
North Korea 9110

I’m a bit surprised by the Michael Moore vote based on how anti-republican/bush/U.S. the rest of the categories turned out. I would have thought a conservative pundit would have fit in more with the overall category winners. One other observation: The United States gets beat by North Korea, Iran, and the French? This is one jaded country we’re living in right now!

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