Today’s Remaindered Links

The last couple of weeks have been pretty eventful around in Gardner home and when I get squeezed for time, I can’t highlight every story that lands in my inbox.  As an attempt to catch some of those things that would normally fall through the cracks, I’m starting a new feature called the Remaindered Links.

Jan Eliot, creator of Stone Soup, spoke at Creswell Oregon Libraryâ??s third annual “Sweet Night Out” about her start as a syndicated cartoonist.

Rob Harrell, creator of Big Top, was interviewed by Genrebusters.

This week, Lalo Alcaraz’s comic La Cucaracha became The Beandocks as a character that looks like Huey (from Boondocks) gets detention after slapping a Republican.  Story line continues with these new characters.

Ziggyâ??s Gift, an animated holiday special will be a featured feature film at the Annual Animation Festival this November 17-19. 

Tom Toles received The Wilderness Society’s Aldo Leopold Award for Distinguished Editorial Writing.

The U.S. Postal Service has announced that Spider-Man will be one of the commemorative stamps for 2007 along with Jimmy Stewart and Ella Fitzgerald.

KAL is interviewed by the Harvard Crimson.

Mort Walker is honored as Artist of the Year at the annual Doodle for Hunger – a fund raiser for the Capuchin Food Pantries/