Cartoons and Cocktails event happens tomorrow

The National Press Club’s Cartoons and Cocktails fundraiser will be tomorrow night. The annual event raises money for the Ellen Masin Persina scholarship (help fund the first year of college study for a needy high school student), Young D.C. (training opportunities and hands-on experience with news media) and Cartoonists Rights Network (devoted to helping editorial cartoonists who face censorship, imprisonment, intimidation or death for their commentary).

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Dick Tracy Museum is running out of money

With all the recent celebratory events and commemorations of the comic Dick Tracy‘s 75 year anniversary, one would be surprised to read that the Gould family has told the Woodstock City Council that the museum is in need of donations to keep the doors open. The museum draws 4,000 to 7,000 visitors a year and has an operating budget of $40,000. The Gould family contributes the lion share of the financial support, but requires $25,000 in annual donations to operate.  With a recognizable brand name such as Dick Tracy, one would think money would not be an issue, but TMS owns all the rights to royalties for the brand, so the Gould family doesn’t see any of that money.

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UN Cartooning for Peace seminar video available

I mentioned yesterday that several cartoonist from around the globe had descended in Manhattan to talk about cartooning, free speech and religion.  Attending from the U.S. is Mike Luckovich.  From ComicsDC blog comes news that Ann Telnaes was also there and that you can watch the streaming video.  To watch it, click the link and scroll down to the Special Event on October 16 (or do a find on “cartoon”).

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