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Cartoons and Cocktails event happens tomorrow

The National Press Club’s Cartoons and Cocktails fundraiser will be tomorrow night. The annual event raises money for the Ellen Masin Persina scholarship (help fund the first year of college study for a needy high school student), Young D.C. (training opportunities and hands-on experience with news media) and Cartoonists Rights Network (devoted to helping editorial cartoonists who face censorship, imprisonment, intimidation or death for their commentary).

Mike Luckovich, Joel Pett and Kal Kallaugher will be a few of the many celebrity auctioneers. Artwork to be auctioned off inclulde work from:

  • Justin Bilicki
  • Paul Combs
  • William Coulter
  • Casey Drogin
  • Bob Erskine
  • Stan Goldberg
  • David Hagen
  • Jim Hope
  • Jim Hunt
  • Mike Jenkins
  • Clay Jones
  • Kevin “KAL” Kallaugher
  • Mike Luckovich
  • Joel Pett
  • Rajan Sedalia
  • Sage Stossel
  • Tom Toles
  • Matt Wuerker

The event required the purchase of a ticket of $50. See details at their web site.

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