Pittsburgh Post-Gazette running comic survey

Perhaps the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette didn’t get the message.  The paper has announced Saturday that they are holding an online comics poll ending November 5 with the results posted on the 12th.

The voting options for the paper’s 35 current features are, “Love it,” “Hate it,” or “Don’t Care.” The are testing out Baby Blues, F minus, Lio, Over the Hedge, Red and Rover, Soup to Nutz, and Watch Your Head.

You can head over and vote now. The do ask for an email address, gender, age, etc.  I took the poll twice, so unless they’re filtering it on the back end, it looks like this survey could be easily hi-jacked.

One thought on “Pittsburgh Post-Gazette running comic survey

  1. As to the testing of five strips to replace “Cathy”, Big Nate is the best. And while you asked for comments, please, why in the world are you running Jump Start? It’s awful and can’t you do away with Family Circle? Thank you!

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