Hagar, Broom-Hilda counseled to lose weight and excercise

Every once in a while an article comes along that makes me shake my head and wonder if there was nothing better for the newspaper to publish, and here is a case in point from the Chicago Tribune who, in an effort to write a health story, took Hagar the Horrible and Broom-Hildaanalyzed their health shortcomings and then found a real nutritionist, dermatologist and dietician to advise them on how to shape up.

“Broom-Hilda’s brews probably have a lot of herbs and lean protein sources like newts and lizards, while the typical Viking diet is much fattier and I would imagine not high in leafy greens,” said Kitchin, a registered dietitian. “Both need to increase the number of fruits and vegetables in their diets, and a little piece of dark chocolate for a treat is a great way to get some cancer-fighting flavonoids. Both could drink some green tea as well.”

I guess what makes me shake my head after reading the article is that the author actually contacted real health professionals.  Really, how many people out there have green skin and haven’t contacted a dermatologist by now?