Doug Marlette’s latest book gets good review from Washington Post

Doug Marlette’s latest fictional book, “Magic Time” received a favorable review from W. Ralph Eubanks in the Washington Post.

From the review:

By some strange twist of the cosmos, Mississippi came to be inhabited by characters, both real and imagined, who never lose their ability to entertain and enthrall. Consequently, a real Mississippi story keeps you hanging on the edge of your seat, guessing what will happen next, even if you’ve heard it before. Perhaps telling stories comes naturally for natives of the Magnolia State because the storytelling material there is as rich and deep as the topsoil that covers the broad expanse of the Delta.

In his second novel, “Magic Time,” Doug Marlette shows that he knows a good Mississippi story when he sees one. He also weaves the best details of each little story into a single big one, demonstrating a grasp of the cultural mind-set of the state as well the conflicts it can impose on its inhabitants and expatriates.

As I’ve reported before, this is Doug’s second fictional novel. The first “The Bridge” has been optioned by Paramont Pictures with the intent of Tom Cruise starring in the lead role.

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