Daily Cartoonist looking for volunteer ‘blogsitters’

Next week I’ll be taking a much anticipated vacation as my wife and I celebrate our 10 year anniversary. I’m completely okay with leaving the kids behind for 10 days, but leaving the blog unattended is putting a twist my knickers. I’ve asked Aaron Taylor to help things going, but not wanting to place too much burden on him, I’m opening the door to others who would like to take a turn behind the reporters desk of the Daily Cartoonist. Read on for details on how to register to post news on the Daily Cartoonist.

I’m looking for a few cartoonists (or comic aficionados) to volunteer submitting stories or discussion topics to the blog on September 25th through 29th. I’m not expecting volunteers to submit something everyday, but at least a couple of stories over the course of the week. Aaron will be overseeing all submissions and is responsible for making sure no duplicates are posted and that the content is appropriate for this forum.

Here’s what you can do.

  1. Send me an email expressing interest in submitting stories or discussion topics to the blog.
  2. If you’re a cartoonist or a bona-fide cartoon nut (I’ve seen your name on other comic forums and I know you can post intelligent stuff), I’ll set you up an account.
  3. I’ll email you your account information and a URL where to log in and submit your story.
  4. Starting next Monday, you can log in and post your story or discussion item.

By posting on the Daily Cartoonist, you are agreeing to the following rules:

  1. News stories should include a link to the original story. It’s like citing your source and no post will be allowed on unless you link to the original story. Discussions don’t necessarily have to have a citation unless you’re referencing story or it is pertinent for others to understand the context of the discussion.
  2. In stories or discussions topics, you will not post libelous, defamatory statements or negative opinions about other comic strips. Let me explain that last one. I allow others to express their opinions on everything in the comments, but the posts themselves should remain neutral.
  3. All stories or discussion topics must be relevant to the topic of this blog: syndicated comic strips, cartoonists, and professional editorial cartoonists.

I’ll resume command of the blog on October 2nd.

I sincerely appreciate all those who visit this blog and have made it part of their daily activities.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me at the email link above or post the question in the comments.