Self-syndicated Tundra growing in popularity

Chad Carpenter’s Tundra is a self-syndicated comic strip out of Alaska that is growing in popularity.  Back in March the strip ran in 10 newspapers which has grown to 60 and Chad is hoping that by the end of the year he’ll top 100.

Married with three kids, Carpenter said he does most of his work at the kitchen table. When the kids come home from school, he retreats back to the bed, where he draws the furry images, rounded humans and bony-legged moose that populate his cartoons.

From the beginning, Carpenter has stuck with an outdoor and animal theme.

â??I draw what I know, and I grew up in Alaska,â? he said. â??I wanted to come up with something we all had in common, and that is living here in nature and hunting and fishing.â?

Besides, it’s easy to make fun of people in the woods, Carpenter said.

â??People are out of their element out there, so there’s lots of material,â? he said.

Tundra runs in my local paper so I get to check it out each day. I was a bit disappointed when the editor pulled Bound and Gagged to put Tundra in, but I’m glad he did. Chad does funny work.

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