Charlos Gary release first Working It Out collection

Charlos Gary, creator of Working It Out, will release his first book collection book October 15.  The book bears the same title as the feature is entitled “It’s Always a Great Day to Be the Boss” and is being published by Sourcebooks Hysteria.From the book description:Yes, no matter what the weather or the quarterly forecast, it’s always thebest of all worlds to be the boss Charlos Gary, syndicated cartoonist withCreators Syndicate, provides a laugh a minute and the perfect gift forcoworkers, whether the boss is asking you to wash his car, locking you inyour cubicle, booby trapping the office supplies cabinet or firing someoneon the same day they’re closing on their new house.Working It Out is syndicated by Creators to over 35 newspapers.

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Baldo draw a loyal reader into the feature

Baldo creator’s Carlos Castellanos and Hector Cantu inserted one of their loyal readers into their September 5th strip – part of a fund-raiser for the Rubén Salazar Scholarship Fund.  Barbara Fajardo has been immortalized in black and white after her two daughters won a silent auction during the National Association of Hispanic Journalists’ convention last June. One of the daughters supplied Carlos with a photo of Barbara which was used to create her likeness.

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