Another Mary Worth video hits YouTube

Via Comics Curmudgeon and E&P is news that Mary Worth is worthy of YouTube. Again. The latest Mary Worth story line has Mary being stalked by the freaky Captain Kangaroo looking Aldo. The story line inspired a Benny Hill type 22 second video that was posted on YouTube.

This second video includes live-action actors acting out scenes from a months worth of Mary Worth between May 17 and June 13, 1998. The best description comes from Josh Fruhlinger (blogger behind Comics Curmudgeon):

Ahem. I find most of todayâ??s comics unworthy of comment, but I do think you all need to see this. What we have here is three comic geniuses acting out a monthâ??s worth of Mary Worth comics from 1998. The actors, portraying Mary, Ian, and Toby, are more or less frozen in the positions presumably held by the characters in the original comic strips as they recite the dialog for each panel. The gentleman playing Professor Cameron is particularly good: not only does he capture Ianâ??s massive level condescending bloviosity, but he went the extra mile and grew a chinbeard. The whole thing is filmed in grainy black-and-white and has eerie atonal music playing in the background, giving it the feel of one of those slightly cheesy but still awesome British horror movies from the early 1960s.

You can see both of the Mary Worth videos via this link. Josh notes that there are four more installments of this video.