Greg Evans talks about his upcoming musical

Greg Evans was highlighted in the North County Times as he recently judged a cartoon (and coloring) contest as well as talked about his upcoming musical “Luann – Scenes From a Teen’s Life” that will hit the stage on September 15.

Evans is challenging himself in a new way this year by turning his “Luann” characters into a musical set to debut at the CCAE on Sept. 15.

“I realized I really don’t have the chops to write a real musical a la ‘La Miz,’ so I decided from the start to write a revue with a series of blackouts and songs,” he said about the play, which will run three nights.

Audiences will recognize Evans’ familiar characters and also experience his hidden talent as a songwriter.

“I’ve always enjoyed writing music, and now that they have computers with sequences, you can layer in strings and do great drum loops,” he said about how he wrote the play’s 20 original songs.

Evans said in college he “played the guitar a lot like all the other hippies,” and some years ago he wrote a musical, but most of his songs have been heard only by his wife.

The play is a production of Center ARTES at Cal State San Marcos with Rancho Buena Vista High School, in cooperation with the CCAE.

“I’ve seen a ton of musicals and I love the whole idea, so when this proposal came up, I thought, well, OK, I’ll see if I can write it,” Evans said. “I’m really looking forward to seeing it come to life.”

For those in the area,  the play runs three nights beginning Sept. 15/ tickets are $10. Call (800) 988-4253 for more information.
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