The Daily World adds Get Fuzzy

The Daily World, (Grays Harbor and northern Pacific counties) has picked up Get Fuzzy starting today. Interestingly, the publisher is offering the first eight people to e-mail him will receive a free copy of a “Get Fuzzy” anthology. 

One other item of interest is a trend I’m seeing that change ups on the comics page have also occurred  with the addition of Sudoku – this Daily World article also mentions they were adding the puzzle.  I’m suspecting that the popularity of Sudoku and the demand to have it in the paper has forced editors to rework their comics page layouts benefiting some comics. Back in January, I postulated that Brevity seemed to be getting lots of new papers who were also adding Sudoku because they were both panel size.  This case of Get Fuzzy getting picked up may not be a best case in point, but I believe the popularity of Sudoku has had an impact of change on the comics page.

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