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New book and book signing announced for Ted Rall

Ted Rall has announced on his blog that he has a new book coming out in the Fall called “America Gone Wild” which will be a 160 page cartoon collection similar to this “Search and Destroy” book. America Gone Wild will also include a lengthy section containing “behind-the-scenes discussion of the media sh–storms surrounding my most controversial cartoons, including ‘Terror Widows’, ‘FDNY 2011’ and those about Pat Tillman. Here for the ages is the hate mail and death threats I received, my personal interactions with personalities like Bill O’Reilly, etc.–all the dish you’ve always wondered about.”

In other Ted Rall news, Ted will be appearing at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art’s Arts Festival in NYC on June 11. He plans to be there with copies of his book, his new book “Attitutde 3: The Subversive Online Cartoonists” and advanced previews of his “Silk Road to Ruin” book.

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