Jim Borgman: Is it okay to use photocopier in multi-panel cartoons

Now Photoshop lets us appleC-appleV elements and move them around, making complicated cartoons like this one do-able under tight deadlines.That said, I always feel an irrational twinge of guilt when I cut-and-paste within a cartoon, as if readers have paid me by the line and insist on their money’s worth.  For reasons I can’t explain, I usually go back in and tweak the characters and backgrounds here and there to give the eagle-eyed wannabes something to examine and form conspiracy theories about.

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Hector Cantú to speak at Americans for the Arts Convention

He is co-executive producer of the Baldo TV show, currently in development at Paloma Productions, and author of two Baldo books: The Lower You Ride, The Cooler You Are and Night of the Bilingual Telemarketers.The comic strip’s lead characters are quickly working their way onto the American pop culture stage, from car-crazy teen Baldo and college-obsessed sister Gracie to tradition-conscious Dad and lottery-playing Tia Carmen….  Baldo is Universal Press Syndicate’s fourth most-successful comic strip launch, after The Boondocks, For Better or For Worse, and Calvin and Hobbes.In addition to his work on this successful comic, Cantú is an editor at Quick, a daily news tabloid in Dallas that targets young readers.

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Bill Griffith’s Zippy part of Counter Culture exhibit

‘Zippy’ Comics Part of Exhibit About Diners:Eight “Zippy the Pinhead” strips will be part of an exhibition called “Counter Culture: The American Diner.”The show open tomorrow and runs through Oct. 2 at COPIA: The American Center for Wine, Food & the Arts in Napa, Calif.Bill Griffith’s “Zippy” comic is distributed by King Features Syndicate.

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