Ted Rall releases new book on Central Asia

Ted Rall has announced on his blog that his new book “SILK ROAD TO RUIN: IS CENTRAL ASIA THE NEW MIDDLE EAST?” is available for pre-order at Amazon.

His description of the book:

Years in the making, my upcoming book “Silk Road to Ruin” is finally done. A follow-up of sorts to TO AFGHANISTAN AND BACK, SILK ROAD TO RUIN is part travelogue, part current affairs, a comprehensive look at the “Stans” and why Central Asia will be to the 21st century what the Middle East was to the Middle East: the lynchpin and perrenial hotspot that will keep American and other Western foreign policy makers jumping. I’ll post more about this book in the weeks to come. Total page count is 304, of which 200 pages are prose chapters of analysis and essays about what makes Central Asia so important and fascinating and 100 pages are in graphic novel format. Included is an introduction by Ahmed Rashid.

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