Muhammad ad gets cut from NCS publication

According to Editor and Publisher, an ad featuring Muhammad was cut from the Reuben Journal (a yearly publication that coincides with their convention).

Robinson, who has done “Making It” since 1985, explained on his blog why he submitted the ad with the Muhammad cartoon. He wrote: “First, newspapers are killing cartoons. Comic strips have been reduced in size. New strips rarely get a chance. Local editorial cartoonists are practically extinct. This lack of support may make people think newspaper cartoons are irrelevant. But the controversy over the Danish cartoons of the prophet Muhammad reminds the world that cartoons can be a powerful method of communication. We shouldn’t ignore it.

“Second, protestors are using the threat of violence to keep cartoons from being printed. We shouldn’t give in.

“Third, there is no historical tradition that a drawing of Muhammad is in and of itself offensive. While some Muslims do not make or show images of Mohammed because of the biblical laws against graven images, there is a long history of portraits of Muhammad in Islamic art. … Why don’t the media talk more about this? Perhaps because not talking about it gives them a convenient rationalization — religious tolerance — for not showing the offending Danish cartoons. The real reason: fear.”