Clay Bennett tells how he comes up with his unique cartoons

The serious issues Bennett deals with, and the thoughtfulness with which he treats them, are in direct contrast to the way he begins his work: When he’s thinking about ideas for cartoons, he doodles. His desk and the floor of his office are littered with dozens of pieces of paper covered with doodles.”It sounds so mindless, and editorial cartooning is so mindful,” he says, but “I doodle all the time.”Clay has been with the Science Christian Monitor since 1998.

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Jim Borgman celebrates 30 years at Cincinnati Enquirer

They didn’t post many requirements if any – which means if Mike Luckovich hasn’t satisfied with the Pulitzer, and the Society of Professional Journalists’ Sigma Delta Chi Award – he can enter too.We are celebrating Jim Borgman?s 30th anniversary this year as the Enquirer?s editorial cartoonist and want your help…. We will publish your cartoon and Jim?s in print and online.E-mail your entry by filling out the following form, or send your cartoon via ‘snail mail’ to: Borgman Challenge, Life section, 312 Elm St., Cincinnati 45202.

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