The Manga movement is just beginning

If you often scratch your head and wonder what the fuss is about about Manga, the Ledger (FL) has an interesting story about how teens are not only devouring these japanese comics, but also creating their own.

Knight said the manga on which she bases most of her drawings is her favorite, “Host Club.” In it, a young girl finds herself in trouble at a prestigious school once she breaks an expensive vase and finds herself having to work to pay back the school.

“I’m taking a quarter off in the summer to submit work to Tokyo Pop,” said Knight. “I want to do character design. My current manga is a high school version of `Little Red Riding Hood.’ ”

“Anime and manga has made me rich and creative,” said Hatfield, who also designs her own hand-stitched stuffed “plushies,” Christmas ornaments and “Super Sculpy” based figurines, all based on popular characters from the different Japanese tales she reads and watches. “But pretty much I love the fact that I’ve made friends through it.”