Boondocks looms over other “black” strips

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel had a very good piece about how the success of “Boondocks” is affecting other minority – specifically African-American based features. The reporter, Lori Price, gets comments from Darin Bell (Candorville) and Cory Thomas (Watch Your Head) – both of which produce comics that feature African-Americans (as well as other minorities). Both had similar comments, which might be summed up with the quote below.

“Some editors view (“The Boondocks”) as the standard-bearer for black strips, so when they see ‘Candorville,’ their opinion is already colored by what they see in ‘The Boondocks,’ ” said Bell, 31. “Some editors think it’s just another angry strip with the same point of view.”

Also interviewed in the story is Ray Billingsley, creator of “Curtis.”

“Because of ‘Boondocks,’ the public may expect every black comic strip to be angry, and the thing is, Aaron is not angry,” Billingsley said. “He just sees fallacies and brings up things we think about, but brings them out in the open.”