F Minus to make leap to print syndication

F Minus by Tony Carrillo will by syndicated through United Media starting April 17 of this year. The feature has been on comics.com since May of last year.

?I draw my material from my experiences at a wide array of failed careers,? says Carrillo. ?Over time, I have worked as a pizza cook, website designer, dancing costumed character, portrait artist, insurance drone, waiter, custom framer, camel ride attendant at the zoo, and the guy at the airport that waves orange wands at the airplanes. As varied as these jobs were, eventually I had the profound realization that they all had two important things in common: each offered a wealth of comedic inspiration and there was always a creepy guy named Larry.?

From Tony’s web site we learn a bit more about where the feature originated:

In December of 2004, F Minus was named the winner of the 2004 MTVu Strips Contest, chosen by judges Scott Adams of Dilbert and David Rees of Get Your War On, as well as more than 200,000 online voters. Tony received a development deal with United Media. Look for F Minus comics in a newspaper near you this spring.