Pibgorn drops to three times weekly

Spotted earlier this week on comics.com was this note from Brooke McEldowney:


Every once in a while one stops, pauses to listen to the twittering of birds, to feel the odd zephyr tousle one?s hair ? in other words, to take stock. I did just that recently ? although, it being the dead of winter in Maine, twittering birds were in short supply, and any zephyrs in my hair were so arctic that my nose began to run, but you get the idea. This stock-taking led me to a conclusion I?d been trying to avoid for a year now, that Pibgorn, as much as I adore cobbling it, wears me down at its present production schedule, especially in tandem with ?9 Chickweed Lane.?

I concluded that I need to tug back a little on the reins, and asked my syndicate people if they?d mind my posting Pibgorn less frequently, rather than at the current rate of six per week. They looked at me thoughtfully (at least, as thoughtfully as they could over a speaker phone), and suggested that I post Pibgorn on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

I clove to their suggestion with relief, and agreed right away. As of February 13th, then, Monday, Wednesday and Friday are the days when new installments of Pib will appear.

All I need add is my gratitude to you for your constancy, understanding and indulgence.