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The Winchester Star picks up Non Sequitur, Kudzu and Baby Blues

The Winchester Star has posted an article(free registration) stating that they have picked up three new features: “Non Sequitur,” “Kudzu,” and “Baby Blues” and dropped two: “Sally Forth” and “Beetle Bailey.”

An improved Comics page with three new strips — “Non Sequitur,” “Kudzu,” and “Baby Blues” — leads the way.

We used your comments from a comics survey to help us determine what to add and which comics to replace.

Comments from our readers helped us determine it was time to retire “Sally Forth” and “Beetle Bailey” after great runs in The Star.

Community Comments

#1 Brock Weigel
@ 7:21 am

We want CALVIN AND HOBBES! Best series ever!Or even some Archies!By the way, you need more stuff about Harry Potter coming out! Everyday you need some fan fiction about what individuals see happening in the end. And, if you’re looking for someone to do that and email them to you for publishing, that’s me! You must have the big news and this is it. I am also looking for a job, if you ever need another journalist. I’ve always wanted to be one and can send you some of my better work.Call me if you’d PLEASE give me a job or even email you Harry Potter “Thoughts of young Potter Fans”.

thank you

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