New Feature “F Minus” to debut in April

From the Arizona State University web site comes news that a comic feature that ran daily in the campus paper will by syndicated through United Media starting in April.

Most ASU students probably don’t remember Tony Carrillo. He graduated in December 2004. But they do remember his comic strip, “F Minus.” For two years, starting in January 2002, his witty comic strip was found every day in The State Press.

Of course, Carrillo eventually had to graduate. That put “F Minus” on hold, but not for long. His comic will be back in the presses starting this April. But this time, America is invited to laugh at “F Minus.”

The Houston Chronicle and The Newark Star Ledger have already signed on to run Carrillo’s cartoon, meaning this ASU graduate will have nearly one million readers.

And that’s just the beginning.

Carrillo’s syndicate, United Media, just started promoting the comic nationally this January; aiming to have it picked up in newspapers across the country.