Brevity picks up Press-Enterprise

In a passing story in the Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA) (free registration required), they report that they have picked up “Brevity and the Sudoku number puzzle.

If laughter is the best medicine and brainteasers really keep your mind nimble, The Press-Enterprise is happy to oblige.

Starting today, we will be featuring two new puzzles to keep you thinking and a new comic called Brevity to keep you chuckling.

Sudoku (most pronounce it su-doo-ku) and Brevity will run on Page 2 of the Your Life section, Monday through Saturday.

Really, I think the Sudoku rage has been a remarkable good thing for Brevity. Rare is the story that mentions a newspaper picking up one without the other. When the hottest and fast selling feature on the funny pages is a panel shaped – it’s bound to open up space for another panel feature.