Drew Litton’s chat transcript posted

As far as I know Drew Litton is the only sports editorial cartoonist in the nation. Instead of skewering politicians, he slams athletes. He was recently the on the Rocky Mountain News’s chat and they’ve posted the transcript. Questions ranged from influences, how he comes up with his cartoons, and his take on several comic strip features past and present.

Whenever I work on deadline like I did last night right after the game, my thought process is accelerated because I don’t have the time to come up with five or six ideas like I do normally. I also think more simplistically. My first idea had Jake Plummer hanging by his beard from a tree labled “turnovers”. It was a bit too grim so I changed direction and came up with the one I used. I also thought of a big saw blade labled ” Steelers” fixing to cut through Jake..Again a bit too graphic and trite. So I ended up with this mornings image. Total time from start to finish, about 2 hours.