NCS’s Southeastern Chapter to judge Reuben’s Newspaper Category

From the Southeastern Chapter of the National Cartoonists Society’s web site comes news that it will be responsible for judging this year’s Newspaper Panel category for the Reuben Awards.

This is an important function that our Chapter performs, and it’s a lot of fun, too! Although only NCS members are eligible to vote for the awards, non-NCS members are welcome, too! (Those of us who have not been annointed yet with NCS membership can help with organization, vote counting and munchie runs…)

If you haven’t been part of this process, I strongly urge you to make space on your calendar for this. Think about it… Spending a whole day, reading cartoons and yukking it up with not just any knuckleheads, but professional knuckleheads. I helped out with last year’s jury, and it was one of the highlights of the year.

The meeting will take place February 25th. Check their site for more information and updates.