Dog Eat Doug a example of great timing

In an interview with the Metro West Daily News, Brain Anderson, creator of “Dog Eat Doug” talks about the incredible timing of his strips debut.

For the last several years, Brian Anderson worked an office job, but just before Christmas he got the news that he was being laid off.

Rather than being depressed, the Natick resident was excited to start his new career as a cartoonist.

In November, Anderson?s comic strip “Dog eat Doug” was picked up for a seven-year deal by Creators Syndicate. The strip now appears in 30 newspapers across the country.

And if that wasn’t fortunate enough:

“Dog eat Doug” came along at a good time, Anderson said. Many papers had been running ?Calvin and Hobbes? to promote a new collection of the strip by Bill Waterson.

“Fortunately for us, the Chicago Tribune, the holy grail for comic strips, replaced ?Calvin and Hobbes? with ?Dog eat Doug,?” Anderson said. “They don?t change comics often, and it is a paper that the industry looks to.”

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