Brevity creators talk about how they started

Creators of comic feature BrevityPhoto couresy of United Media

You might remember an earlier posting in which the Kansas City Star was eliminating two pages from their Sunday comics thereby dropping a couple of comic features. Despite the dramatic shake-up, they did pick up on Brevity by writer Guy Endore-Kaiser and artist Rodd Perry. The Star has interviewed the two and the duo tell how “Brevity” was started.

I walked into Guy’s office one day and found these sort of like chicken-scratch scrawls with jokes on them, and I thought they were hilarious,” Perry said. “I offered to draw one for him, and I did and it was funny and we kept doing it.”

After about a year of posting their quirky words-and-pictures creations on the Internet, they had enough samples to begin sending submissions to newspaper comic syndicates, not really expecting anything to happen.

“And then a week later we got a call from (Jake Morrissey) the editor for ‘The Far Side’ and ‘Calvin and Hobbes,’ this kind of legendary guy,” Endore-Kaiser said. “So all of a sudden it was like a serious thing, and we were really going to do this. It was sort of very out of left field and not well-planned.”