Kansas City Star dropping two Sunday comic pages

The Kansas City Star will drop two pages from their Sunday comic section to cut expenses.

Several changes in FYI and the Sunday comics take effect Sunday and Monday. We like some, and hope you do, too, and regret others.

Beginning Sunday, the comics section will lose two pages. Paper is a major cost at any newspaper, and The Star has been offsetting rising newsprint prices by cutting some pages. A page of Sunday comics is one of our most expensive because the full-color section is printed by an outside company at a premium price.

If you’re in Kansas City, feel free to write in and complain. Here are some contact information:
Dan Peak, General Manager, (816) 234-7901
Meyer, Jeanne Managing Editor-Business and Features – (816) 234-4413
Nolan, Mary Lou, Assistant Managing Editor/Features (816) 234-4396
Their feedback form
I could not find an email or phone number for the publisher, but his name is Mac Tully.

If you call or write in to protest, please remember to be kind and friendly.

10 thoughts on “Kansas City Star dropping two Sunday comic pages

  1. I happen to enjoy reading the “…two comics pages…” each Sunday. In fact, I look forward to pulling them from the rest of the paper and reading them before going to church. Accordingly, I plan on dropping my Sunday paper subscription. By dropping the comics, I believe the KC Star has made a sad business decision. Also, I don’t remember hearing about, or seeing anything in writing, stating the comics were to be dropped effective October 7, 2007.

  2. No funnies huh? Well, good luck in keeping your subscribers! I know several people such as myself will not even go to the stands or buy in the stores as soon as they find this out!! This must have been a decision made at 2AM in the morning by a bunch of old people who are not savvy to the Internet. A warning of this upcoming or a poll of your subscribers might have been a wise decision?!?! Most of your “news” is on at 4, 5, 6 PM as well as 10 not to mention the morning news shows. The Internet has all your “news” as well, there is not much that you offer that cannot be found on Internet sites. I can think of no reason to continue to subscribe to or pick up your overpriced
    newspaper! Maybe go to a better newspaper (and there are plenty) who does or does not have the funnies either, if there is something one cannot live without???
    See ya’!!!

  3. The Baltimore Sun had been doing this for years…knocking comics out of their Sunday section to replace them with ad space. The section itself looked to be the same size, but the content had dwindled. So I dropped the subscription entirely two years ago and never looked back.

  4. My husband and I just went through every piece of paper searching for the comics in the Sunday paper today. He is visibly upset and made the statement that “Everyone needs a little humor to start the day”. We have been subscribers to the Kansas City Star for over 30 years.
    Every once and a while the carrier forgets to include the comic section. We were just sure that this was the case today. “That’s just not excusable!”, my husband just called out as I was writing this complaint.
    The Bachmans

  5. Missing Sunday comics in The Oregonian happened to me so often I started looking to make sure they were there before I purchased it.

    ‘course, you can’t do that if you get home delivery.

    Be sure to call the paper and complain! They should be good today, since Christmas is Tuesday.

  6. Dear Editor:
    The Kansas City Star has been a part of my life for 70+ years. My grandfather read the comic strip “Cuddles and Tuckie” to me.
    And now I can no longer receive the daily paper, only the Sunday edition.
    I read every comic on the pages as well as several other columnist’s work.

    I received a phone call which said that I would receive a letter explaining how to find my favorite articles, comics and puzzles on the internet. I never saw that letter and now I am floundering around this web site trying to find the material that I like. Please help.
    Thank you,
    Carol Cummings

  7. I have been a subscriber to the Kansas City Star Daily newspaper for 49 years and have always been satisfied, always enjoyed the Comic section as a relaxing part of my day. I do not think I will continue my subscription if we are not to recieve the comic section.

  8. The Tuesday June 23rd paper said to go to Kansas City.com and vote for your favorite comic strip and I have been trying to do that and cannot get through?? How come??

  9. I am old, but still enjoy the fun of comics and puzzles. Please keep them coming to me daily. Thanks for the many years I have had them to enjoy. Ruth

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