Big Nate is now fifteen years old

Big Nate
Big Nate, created by Lincoln Peirce, is celebrating 15 years on the comic pages. From a United Media press release:

“When I started Big Nate, one of my goals was to create a comic character who seemed authentic — not a miniature adult, but a believable eleven year-old boy,” creator Lincoln Peirce said. After fifteen years Nate has gone through some changes, but he’s still essentially the same kid. He’s still eleven, still stuck in the sixth grade, still a winning combination of youthful bravado and total cluelessness. Most importantly, he’s still going strong and bringing smiles to the faces of countless readers who recognize themselves in Nate’s daily adventures. I’d like to thank everyone who’s helped to make Big Nate a success for the past fifteen years, and I look forward to extending his stay in the sixth grade — and on the comics pages — for a long time to come.

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