Stan Lee to speak in Ohio

Comic book legend Stan Lee will speak in Springfield Ohio on the 24th of January. You can get details at the Springfield News-Sun, including a audio slide show and directions to the event.

While he still holds the title of chairman emeritus at Marvel, and continues to write the same syndicated ?Amazing Spider-Man? newspaper strip he started in 1977, POW! is a separate entity.

The company has its hands in just about anything you can think of, from animation and cell phone ?mobisodes? to movies and an upcoming reality show for the SciFi Channel in which Lee will hire somebody, a la Donald Trump, to be a superhero.


As Lee himself might say, have faith true believer.

?To me, quitting wouldn?t be a need. It would be a punishment,? he said. ?Most people don?t really like the work they do, I guess. And they keep dreaming, ?Someday I?ll retire and I?ll be able to do all the things I really wanted to.?