Dan Piraro apologizes for cartoon

Dan Piraro, creator of Bizarro, has apologized for a recent cartoon depicting two cowboys around the campfire and one of them singing, “It?s been six long weeks since I seen a woman, and yer startin? to look pretty good.” The caption reads “jeremiah’s last song.” Many felt the cartoon advocated or condoned the killing of homosexuals.
From Dallas Voice:

Piraro, who said he has been doing cartoons for 20 years, said he drew the panel with a different idea in mind.

?I was thinking about a two heterosexual men who have been out there for a while without any women around, and things are getting tense. I never meant to imply that one of them was homosexual or that one of them was going to get killed. I just never thought of it that way,? he said.

?Now, out of my own stupidity, I have done something that is embarrassing and very painful for me,? Piraro said. ?I feel horrible about it. My fear is that there are thousands of people out there who have seen it and think I am homophobic.?

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