Irwin Hasen exhibit at MOCCA

The Museum of Cartoon and Comic Art will begin an exhibit on January 14 featuring the work of Irwin Hasen who created and drew the strip Dondi between 1955 and 1986. He also did cover art for Justice Society and Green Latern comic books.

One of the great JUSTICE SOCIETY and GREEN LANTERN cover artists (both JOE KUBERT and ALEX TOTH cite him as an influence), Hasen went on to co-create the beloved newspaper strip DONDI, about a WWII war orphan’s adventure in America, that charmed readers for 32 years! Since retiring from the Funnies Page, Hasen has gone on to create stunning full-color lithographs of his classic Golden Age covers, now on display at MoCCA, along with originals from his over 50-year career in comic book and comic strip art!

The exhibit runs through February 20, 2006

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