Brian Walker interviewed about Masters of the American Comics

Brian Walker, son of Mort Walker, has been busy doing interviews about the ongoing ‘Masters of the American Comics’.

NPR had him on last Tuesday. There is a link to the audio on their site.
There is also an printed interview in AIGA Journal of Design where in he talks about how the this exhibit came about.

I remember going to the Angoulême Festival in the early ’90s when a large contingent of American cartoonists went over there as a group: Art Spiegelman, Charles Burns, Patrick McDonnell, a whole bunch of cartoonists. It was the year they had the Robert Crumb exhibit at the cartoon museum. I recall riding on the train with Spiegelman, and he said, ?Someone in L.A. wants to do this comic exhibit, and I don’t know if I have the time for it.? I had just parted ways with The Museum of Cartoon Art, which had moved to Florida. They were in the bricks-and-mortar phase of building, and I was going off in my own direction looking for just this kind of opportunity. I put a bee in his ear, but didn’t hear anything else about it until about two years ago.

For links and information regarding the exhibit, see my earlier post.

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