‘MAD’ magazine original artwork on auction block

I mentioned this earlier back in December, but the NYT has a much lengthier posting (scroll down) about original MAD magazine artwork up on the auction block.

The last original artwork from the archives of MAD Magazine is to be auctioned in 2006, starting with a Jan. 21 sale at Heritage Galleries & Auctioneers in Dallas. “We are freeing up some much-needed closet space in our offices,” said John Ficarra, the editor of MAD. While this is not the first time artwork from MAD has reached the market, the sales are notable for coming directly from the magazine’s archives, as well as for representing “the last major treasure from our vaults,” said David Hyde, the director of publicity at DC Comics, which publishes the humor magazine, long represented in popular culture by Alfred E. Neuman. Artists represented include Don Martin, Antonio Prohias, Sergio Aragonés, Jack Davis and Mort Drucker. About one-third of the artwork will be from the private collections of artists Dick DeBartolo and Richard Williams, and from the estate of George Woodbridge.

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