Jim Borgman enters the Blogsphere

Jim Borgman, editorial cartoonist for the Cincinnatti Enquirer and cartoonist for Zits, has started a blog. The “BorgBlog” as it is titled contains images taken from his sketchbook.

Ten years into my professional career, a writer friend introduced me to a different concept of an artist?s sketchbook. In her journal she kept the most random stuff ?clippings from newspapers, photos out of magazines, grocery lists, telephone doodles, dream entries, half-thoughts … and the occasional gem of a story or poem idea.With my own daily deadline monster to feed, I could no longer afford my scattered approach. I was forgetting as many ideas as I was drawing. And with my most promising germs of ideas recorded on napkins and post-it notes, seldom did these notions have the opportunity to ferment, age, and later present themselves as full-bodied cartoon ideas.

Borgman becomes another one-of-the-few editorial cartoonists that are doing blogs. Others include Mike Luchovich and Chip Bok.