Kathryn LeMieux’s ‘Feral West’ ends after 11 years

Kathryn LeMieux, who is also one of the Six Chicks collaborators, is ending her “Feral West” weekly cartoon that has run in the Pt. Reyes Light Newspaper for the last 11 years has run its course. The last strip ran Friday.

After more than 11 years in The Light, this week Tomales cartoonist Kathryn LeMieux?s comic strip, Feral West, is appearing in the paper for the last time.

Explaining her decision to move on, LeMieux said, “Feral West is going strong now. It?s a good time to wrap it up.”

LeMieux alluded to a moment in the old television sit-com, “Happy Days,” in which the lead character ? skimming over ocean swells on water skis ? jumped over a shark. The episode was a watershed moment for the series, after which its popularity began to decline. She said she didn?t want to jump the shark.