New comic strip ‘Retail’ to debut

King Features will roll out a new strip on January 1 called “Retail”. The feature is created by Norm Feuti has worked in retail for more than 15 years.

?The concept of a retail-based strip has great mass appeal, because everyone can relate to it, either as a former or current retail worker or shopper,? said Retail comic strip creator Norm Feuti. ?The headache of returning merchandise and the joy in finding the right item or perfect gift can make shopping both a stressful or highly enjoyable experience. The combination of unreasonable customers, over-enthusiastic bosses and frustrated employees can make for sometimes volatile, but often funny situations.?

Going beyond adding an email address to the strip, King Features is adding a toll-free number.

With the addition of a novel element unique to its RETAIL comic strip, King Features opens the door to making the experience of reading a daily comic strip an interactive one. By dialing the toll-free number –1-866-749-0824* — which is the UPC code that is part of the RETAIL logo, retail workers and customers alike can share their own humorous retail experiences. Some of these stories and anecdotes may be used and credited in a future RETAIL strip.

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