Cartoon Show Offers International Views of the U.S.

The Cartoon Art Museum of San Francisco has an exhibit called “Why Do They Hate U.S.? An International Perspective on American Politics & Culture”. The exhibit starts Dec. 22 and runs through April 30th.

Even in times of international turmoil and American jingoism, the rest of the world, uncomfortably, still looks to the U.S. for leadership. While American political cartoonists often have harsh opinions of the current administration?s foreign-policy problems, political corruption, and hypocrisy, the international media?s view of recent events in America is marked not so much by anger as by disappointment.

The Cartoon Art Museum’s latest exhibition, Why Do They Hate U.S.? An International Perspective on American Politics & Culture, explores contemporary life in the United States through more than 100 cartoons from over 25 countries, on such subjects as American elections, George Bush, Iraq, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Hurricane Katrina. This intercontinental assemblage collects recent cartoons by more than 35 cartoonists from around the globe, representing cutting-edge political insights from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, South America, and our North American neighbors, Canada and Mexico. Calling America to task is a daily job for the world’s cartoonists, and it will take a lot more than death, devastation and widespread human suffering to jar them from their routine.