Cathy Guisewite to be judge of women’s scholarship program

Cathy creator Cathy Guisewite will serve on the Board of Judges for Talbots annual Women?s Scholarship Program, a fund that annually awards $100,000 in college scholarships to women seeking a bachelor?s or associate?s degree later in life.

?Cathy? appears in about 1,400 newspapers worldwide. In 2005, a major event took place in the comic strip when Cathy married her long-time beau Irving. Guisewite?s online gift wedding registry for the comic couple raised $25,000 for the Pet Orphans of Southern California, an organization for which she and her daughter volunteer. In 2001, Guisewite was presented a Genesis Award from the Ark Trust Foundation for her comic strips promoting animal issues such as anti-fur usage and adoption of older animals from shelters.