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The political action group that spent millions of dollars to defeat President Bush in 2004 is now mobilizing to protest and stop the lay-offs at Tribune papers and other large newspaper companies across the country.

The grassroots activists have been circulating petitions to stop announced job cuts at four Tribune papers. The group says it has collected: 6,200 e-mail petitions to stop planned cuts at the Chicago Tribune; 2,400 at the Baltimore Sun; 1,800 at the Orlando Sentinel and more than 17,000 at the Los Angeles Times.

The Los Angeles petition reads: “Don’t cut newspaper staff at the Los Angeles Times. As corporate owners in Chicago reap large profits from the Times, there is no excuse for them to force our paper to abandon its responsibility to deliver strong watchdog journalism to the public.”

Petitions can be signed for each of the four Tribune paper’s that have suffered job cuts.

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